How to Remove Static Cling From a Dress

by Constance Barker ; Updated September 28, 2017

Remove static cling from a dress with a metal hanger.

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When you pull your dress away from your legs, do you sometimes hear the pop and crackle of electricity? You find that your dress is clinging tightly to your legs, resulting in annoying and embarrassing situations. This is static cling, which is caused when friction produces electricity in clothes. Static cling normally does not subside on its own, but certain procedures can remove the static to help your dress move normally.

Remove the dress if wearing it, and place it on a bed. Run a metal hanger along the underside of the dress. Glide the hanger across the fabric until the static cling diminishes.

Spray water from a spray bottle into the air and walk through it while wearing the dress. The water droplets neutralize the electricity without allowing the dress to become too damp. Continue spraying and walking through the mist until static cling releases from the dress.

Spray a static control spray onto the dress before wearing it. Lay the dress inside out on a bed, and spray the bottom half of the dress. Allow the spray to absorb into the dress for five minutes before wearing the dress.

Rub a dryer sheet onto the underside of the dress. The dryer sheet removes the static electricity from the dress, allowing the garment to move freely without clinging to your legs.


  • Pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the wash cycle with clothes to prevent static cling from occurring.

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