How to Remove Spaghetti Sauce From a Silk Blouse

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You enjoyed that spaghetti, but not enough to sport the memory of it on a beautiful silk blouse. Silk is a strong and absorbent fiber, making it one of the most difficult fabrics from which to remove stains, especially an oil-based food stain like spaghetti sauce. It is possible, say researchers at Cornell University, but for successful stain removal, it's important that you act quickly and diligently to treat the stain while it is still fresh.

Place an absorbent pad, like a thick paper towel or dish towel, on the underside of the spaghetti sauce stain. Keep the pad in place as you clean the stain and change or turn it as it absorbs the stain.

Clean the stained area with a dry cleaning solvent such as Carbona or Energine. Use a new sponge or a clean dish towel to scrub the area with light, circular strokes starting in the center of the stain and working toward the edges.

Rub mineral oil into the stain. Using a small clothing scrub brush, lightly tamp (simultaneous tap/stroke motions) the stain. Every few seconds, blot the stain with a thick paper towel to remove loosened debris.

Flush the stained area thoroughly with the dry cleaning solvent. Set the blouse aside to dry. If the stain remains after your blouse is dry, proceed to Step 5.

Mix 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 tsp. of mild liquid dish detergent and 3 to 4 drops of white vinegar.

Press the mixture into the stain with an absorbent pad like a Petroleum Sorbent Pad (if not readily available, use a clean dish towel). Change the pad as the stain is absorbed. Repeat as long as is needed. Flush with tepid water. If stain remains, proceed to Step 7.

Press rubbing alcohol into the stain with a clean absorbent pad. Repeat as needed, changing the pad as necessary as the stain is absorbed.

Flush the stained area with tepid water.