How to Remove Sharpie Permanent-Marker Stains

Annoyed with those Sharpie marker stains that can generate such a mess on your perfectly clean walls, tiles, clothes and wallpaper? Relax. Depending on the marred surface, several surprising techniques are available to get out your permanent-marker stains.

Removing Sharpie Permanent Marker Stains

Pour one tablespoon of break fluid onto a rag. Scrub kitchen cabinets or painted wall. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Dab two tablespoons of nonacetone nail polish remover onto a painted wall or laminate flooring. Let sit for 15 minutes and scrub.

Purchase Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser and scrub against vinyl floors or other nonporous materials.

Spray hairspray onto a rag and use on walls, tiles, hardwood floors and painted surfaces. Use a cheap hairspray but be sure it has alcohol.

Squeeze toothpaste onto a towel and rub against wallpaper, furniture, painted surfaces, tiles, floors and kitchen cabinets.