How to Remove Just-for-Men Hair Color


0:05 hey everyone my name is Chad dumb Chuck

0:08 I'm your 2012 North American hair

0:10 stylist towards hair colorist of the

0:11 year today we're going to talk about how

0:13 to remove just for men hair color so a

0:16 little bit about just for men hair color

0:18 what it is it's a semi-permanent hair

0:20 color that helps sustain gray hair it

0:23 doesn't have the ability to lighten hair

0:25 only stain hair that's lighter than the

0:26 targeted shade so when we're saying that

0:29 it can only target gray hair in ten

0:31 minutes to tint it means it's only

0:33 targeting that hair only which is great

0:34 for what it is now what happens when

0:36 you're tired of the just for men look

0:38 what are your options well if you go to

0:40 a salon there's a few different options

0:42 we do have some different options like a

0:44 color corrector or a color remover that

0:46 helps remove some of that tone unless

0:48 it's done within the first 24 to 48

0:50 hours of the color being done that's

0:52 when it's going to have its most potent

0:54 capabilities to take it out after that

0:56 timeframe unfortunately cannot take it

0:58 out your next option from there is going

1:01 to be using a light inner such as an on

1:02 scalp light inner or an off scalp

1:04 Lightner depending on how long it's been

1:06 since it was last done of the just for

1:08 men's service I always like to recommend

1:10 that if you're going to have any of

1:11 these services don't always have it done

1:13 in a salon because they are professional

1:15 they know what they're doing now the

1:16 great thing about just for men though

1:18 it's a semi-permanent hair color so it's

1:19 meant to fade out after about eight to

1:22 ten shampoos depending on your hair

1:24 texture and your hair type it may last a

1:26 little bit longer or it may fade out

1:27 faster so what I like to say is if

1:29 you're tired of it give it a few

1:31 shampoos it should lighten up before you

1:33 actually go in and try to remove it with

1:34 other harsher products again my name's

1:37 Chad M Chuck I'm your 2012 North

1:39 American hair stylist Awards hair

1:40 colorist of the year and this is how to

1:42 remove just for men hair color

1:45 you

1:49 Oh