How to Remove Blood Stains On Clothing

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You get a cut or you get a bloody nose, and it seems that blood goes everywhere. However, at the moment, you're more concerned with your health and safety than you are your clothing, and rightly so. But once everything settles down, you're left with blood stains on your clothes that seem impossible to come out. But don't throw your favorite shirt away yet, because you can remove those stains if you know how.

Treat it immediately. If the blood stain is fresh, you are in luck. It is very easy to remove fresh blood stain on any fabric. Immediately soak your clothing in cold water with salt, and rub the stain with your hands. The stain should come right out. Do not use hot water; hot water will make the stain set in the fabric, making it permanent.

Wash as usual. As soon as you finish soaking and rubbing the stain, put your clothing in the wash. If the fabric is white, you can bleach it. But be careful with bleach; it may damage any delicate fabrics and can weaken others.

Pre-treat if you have to. If you cannot wash the stain immediately, use a stain remover on the stain as soon as possible.

Treat again before washing. Once you are ready to wash the pre-treated clothing, use some baking soda or vinegar on the stain, and rub the area with your hands.

Check the stain after washing. Once you have washed your clothing, check to see if the stain has come out. If it has not, do not dry. Repeat any removal techniques you've used, and wash again. If you are unsure whether the stain is out, let the garment air dry. If the stain is still there, the dryer heat will set the stain, and you may never get it out.

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