How to Remove a Rejecting Surface Piercing Safely

Surface bars are unique from any other body piercing jewelry because each end features a 90 degree angle called a post. The bar, without caps, closely resembles an unused staple. It's an innocuous shape until you think about how most traditional piercings are shaped, with very smooth curves or no curves at all.

The pain of having a surface piercing inserted is intense, but don't worry. If or when it begins to reject, you can remove it very safely without tearing the walls of the piercing hole and without experiencing any of the same pain you went through to insert it.

Take off the ball cap on one side.

Smear petroleum jelly liberally over the now exposed post of the surface piercing. The screws are most important as they can be damaging to the tender skin of a rejecting surface piercing.

Push the post down very gently on the side you took the cap off of.

Take the post that still has a cap in it in your hand.

Pull the capped post upward slowly.

Allow the piercing to begin to tilt toward the now empty exit hole. It will attempt to do this naturally and will help in easing the piercing out. Do not tilt it further than it wants to go.

Keep withdrawing the piercing and angling the cap toward the opposite and empty exit hole. The piercing should slide out on its own once it is far enough out and you'll just need to catch it.

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