How to Relieve Tired and Puffy Eyes

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Your eyes can get puffy and tired-looking from lack of sleep, too much salt in your diet or even from sleeping without a pillow. If the puffiness around your eyes comes and goes, it could be due to a high salt intake. Lower your salt intake, and get plenty of sleep using a pillow -- this helps keep fluid from pooling under your eyes. If none of this works -- or you've just had a sleepless night -- there are ways to soothe and camouflage your tired, puffy eyes.

Tired Eyes

Splash cold water over your eyes, several times a day. This helps relieves tension, inflammation and stress from your eyes.

Take a washcloth and run it under hot water. Place the washcloth over your eyes for ten minutes or so, breathing in and out deeply to relax. If the washcloth gets cold and your eyes still feel tired, re-wet washcloth and replace.

Cup your hands over your eyes, without touching them. Make sure your palms are touching your cheeks, so your eyes are in darkness. Open your eyes, and look as if you were trying to see something far away in the dark. This helps to exercise your eyes a bit, which can make them feel less tired. This is especially useful if you look at a computer screen all day.

Use a light-colored eyeshadow such as bone or white on lids and in the inner corners of your eyes. Lighter hues reflect light, brightening the eye area.

Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Place cold slices of cucumber or apple over your eyes for about 10 minutes. The coolness will help soothe your eyes, and will reduce the puffiness. Apples contain tannin, which helps calm irritated skin. Cucumbers are mostly water, so they have a hydrating effect on dry skin.

Cover up your dark circles. Use a foundation in a shade close to the color of your skin. Apply the foundation gently -- you want to avoid irritating your delicate under-eye skin any further. Use the tips of your fingers to lightly dab on the foundation, then blend it over the dark area.

Add a salmon or peach-colored concealer over the foundation, for best results. Don't use beige or white concealer, as these shades will make the dark circles under your eyes look gray. Add a little concealer to the under-eye area right beside your nose, as this will help brighten your eyes.