How to Recycle Deodorant

It seems like such a waste to let the last third of your deodorant go to waste when it breaks or crumbles. Cut down on the cost of new deodorant by recycling the remnants of old deodorant.

Scoop out the broken or crumbled remnants of your old deodorant with a spoon. Place the remnants in a microwave-safe dish.

Microwave the deodorant for 25 to 30 seconds on high heat. This will melt the deodorant. It can bubble slightly, but if smoke is coming fron the deodorant, stop the microwave.

Roll down the new deodorant so there is a bit of space at the top. Pour the melted deodorant on top to cover it. The older deodorant must always be at the top to prevent spoilage.

Allow the mixture to cool for at least 5 minutes. If you have excess deodorant left over, store it in the refrigerator.

Once cooled, apply the deodorant. The recycled supply will last at least 5 extra days. After 5 days, refrigerate the deodorant to prevent spoilage. Any excess melted deodorant can be placed in an empty deodorant container that would otherwise be thrown away.