How to Print on a Satin Ribbon

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Personalized satin ribbon sends a special message. Ordering printed ribbon from a stationery store is expensive and usually requires a lead time of several weeks for delivery. If you&#039;re pressed for time or looking for an inexpensive option, consider printing your own satin ribbon with the help of clear acrylic stamps. With a little practice, your ribbon will soon sport the names of the bride and groom or a special birthday boy or girl.

Position the acrylic letter stamps of your choice on the clear block mount. The clear stamps and mount make letter positioning accurate.

Apply ink to the stamps by placing them on a flat surface with the letters facing upward. Roll the ink across the letters from the left to the right to prevent over-application of the ink.

Stamp on scratch paper until you&#039;re happy with your technique and placement. Hold the stamp block by the sides and press down in the middle of the block to make the stamp impression. Don&#039;t rock the stamp back and forth.

Tape the ends of the satin ribbon on a flat surface to stabilize the ribbon during the stamping process.