How to Prepare for the U.S. Citizenship Test

To become a United States citizen, you must first pass the U.S. citizenship test. This test has two parts. The first part covers English reading and writing skills. The second part includes questions on the United States government and history. Although you will not know the questions ahead of time, some government organizations have posted study materials online to help you to pass this test. With a good general knowledge of the items in the study materials, you should be able to correctly answer all of the questions on the test.

Practice writing sentences in English. You will be given up to three chances to write a question using correct English, in a subject dictated by the person giving the test. If you are familiar with the subject matter on the study list, you should be able to write an intelligent sentence based on the subject. Make sure that you know the definition of every item on the list. You should practice using every word in a sentence.

Practice reading sentences out loud to a native English speaker, if possible. Study the items on the vocabulary list to make sure that you know how to pronounce each word and that you know what each word means.

Study basic civics and history subjects. The study materials offer 100 questions. You will be given 10 questions from this list. You will not know which of the 10 questions you will receive so make sure that you know the answer to all 100 questions.

Study all materials every day, for a set period of time each day. Do not try to learn everything in one weekend or in a short period of time. Set aside time to really learn the subject, rather than just trying to memorize the list items.