How to Plan a Teddy Bear Tea Party

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If your child's best friend is her teddy bear, don't leave him out of the next party you throw. Plan a teddy bear tea party to which all of your little one's pals bring their favorite stuffed animal and enjoy teddy bear-themed decor, food and drink -- including tea, of course -- and activities.

Themed Invitations

Personalize your party invitation by setting up a small tea party at home featuring your child and his stuffed animals surrounded by teapots and teacups, and snap a picture. Have the photo printed, and, using a metallic pen, write "join us for a tea party" on the front with the party details on the back. If your child just won't cooperate for a photo-op, create themed invitations by cutting miniature teapot shapes out of card stock and adding the details of the party. Affix a teddy bear sticker to it, making sure the guests know that their fuzzy pals are invited, too.

Festive Decor

Choose a color scheme for the event, and decorate the room in those colors; you might select the guest of honor's favorite color and accent it with brown, a common teddy bear color. Set up a table or multiple tables so the kids have a place to sip their tea, and be sure to include enough chairs for the teddy bears! In the center of each table, place a small teapot with large daisies as a centerpiece. On the food table and in other parts of the room, set teddy bears of all sizes and colors. Rather than purchasing them, ask friends if you can borrow their children's surplus teddy bears for the day.

Food and Desserts

A tea party calls for dainty food, such as finger sandwiches, scones and fruit salad. Take a cue from everyone's favorite bear, Winnie the Pooh, and incorporate honey into the menu by serving peanut butter and honey sandwiches with the crusts cut off. For dessert, bake teddy bear-themed cake pops by dipping a cake pop in chocolate frosting and affixing small round chocolates to the tops for ears. Naturally, a teddy bear tea party requires tea; choose flavored and decaf varieties that children are more likely to enjoy, and have other drinks on hand for those who don't like tea.

Fun and Games

Transform some classic children's games into themed party activities, such as switching the words in "Duck, Duck, Goose" into "Teddy, Teddy, Bear." The group sits in a circle, and the child who is "it" walks in a circle tapping each child on the head saying, "teddy," "teddy," and eventually, "bear" -- the child who's deemed "bear" gets up and chases the other kid around, trying to tap her before he sits down in the bear's spot. You can also host a teddy bear relay race if you have space for the kids to run. Put all the teddy bears in a basket and split the guests into two teams. Choose a starting line and have each guest, one by one, race to find her bear in the pile and run back, tagging the next person to race. The first team to have all their bears back at the starting line wins.