How to Oxidize Silver Jewelry


0:05 things calm and today I'm gonna share

0:08 with you how to oxidize silver jewelry

0:10 now I have here a silver ring setting

0:15 and I'm going to put it in this solution

0:18 it's called patina solution I picked

0:21 this up at the craft store and by the

0:24 smell of it I can tell that it is a

0:26 sulfur solution there was something

0:30 called liver of sulfur that I used to

0:32 buy that had a little it was like in a

0:35 little rock kind of thing and you would

0:37 drop a little piece of that in water and

0:39 I'm sure that this is has the same sort

0:42 of base to it but it oxidizes silver

0:45 really well and then you want to just

0:46 pick up your jewelry and put it down

0:49 inside for a little bit and how long you

0:55 leave it in the solution will make a

0:58 difference in how much much oxidation

1:00 you get on it so I'm gonna see what it's

1:03 doing in there it is starting to oxidize

1:06 just a little bit put it in there a

1:08 little bit more so one two three who the

1:12 magic of film I will now pull it out and

1:14 it will be a lot darker I can get my

1:19 tweezers around it there it is now look

1:22 how nice and dark and oxidized that is

1:25 so what you want to do next after you

1:28 oxidize it is get it dried off and you

1:35 can rinse it rinse all of this smelly

1:40 stuff off neutralize it in water and

1:45 then what you want to do is take your a

1:51 jewelry polishing cloth this one has a

1:55 little bit of Rouge on it and all buff a

1:58 little bit on that side and then I will

2:04 polish that a little bit

2:06 and what this should do is leave a

2:09 little bit of the darkness in the cracks

2:13 and crevices and polish the highlights

2:16 for a nice oxidized look to your

2:20 sterling silver jewelry and that is how

2:22 you do it

2:22 I'm Paulo for me making things calm have

2:25 a great day