How to Mix Cement for a Brick Oven

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A brick oven is a great way enjoy wood-fired foods without having to leave the comfort of your home. If you are building your own brick oven, you'll need to mix a brick mortar that is both durable and capable of withstanding the heat inside the oven. This material is incorrectly called cement because it is composed partly of cement. Thankfully for those new to mixing mortar, there is a premixed powder for making strong, heat-resistant mortar.

Set up the wheelbarrow on level ground near the site where you are building your brick oven.

Pour the refractory mix into the wheelbarrow and fluff gently with a garden spade.

Determine the proper ratio of water to powder by consulting the directions on the mix's packaging.

Add water slowly to the mortar powder as instructed and stir with the garden spade until the mortar takes on a peanut-butter-like consistency. Immediately spread the mortar once it reaches this consistency, as it will begin drying within 30 minutes of adding the water.