How to Measure for a Bra

by Rachel Youens

Measuring for a woman's bra is done by wrapping a flexible tape measure or piece of yarn around a women's bust line. Find out how to measure for a bra with tips from a fashion specialist in this free video on style advice.

About the Author

Rachel Youens' style experience has progressed from the ground floor up, starting with runway and print modeling. She has walked in shows around the country and appeared as a model in books and magazines, all along the way learning the subtle differences between a runway, a fashion and an editorial model and picking up tips from some of the top hair and makeup stylists. Youens has gone on to work in the journalism industry writing fashion columns for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's website and acting as a contributor to Nylon, Glamour and Venus Magazines and Current TV. Today, she operates, a street fashion and culture site focused on the cutting-edge looks in Austin, Texas.