How to Measure for a Bra


0:01 Hi my name is Rachel and I'm a freelance fashion writer and the owner of the street fashion

0:06 site The Austin Style Watch dot com. And today we are going to learn how to fit a bra. Now

0:12 the first you are going to need is a flexible tape measure. If you don't have a flexible

0:16 tape measure you can also use a piece of yarn or string and then later on hold the yarn

0:22 or string up to a yard stick and get an accurate measurement that way. So the first measurement

0:29 we are going to make is for the body, it's for the band of the bra. For this part here.

0:34 So what you are going to do is take your tape measure and wrap it around under your bust

0:41 line, and try to hold it as parallel to the ground as possible, so it's straight across

0:47 your body as you can. And you are going to want to do this with all the air that you

0:53 can expelled out of your lungs. You want the smallest size possible basically. So for me

1:00 we are going to have about the size, about the size thirty two and if you are getting

1:08 a number like thirty three or a thirty one what you are going to want to do is round

1:12 it up to the next even number. So if you got a thirty three you take it down to thirty

1:18 two or up to thirty four which ever way it's kind of leaning. So let's remember that first

1:23 number. My first number is going to be thirty two. The second measurement that you are going

1:28 to make is around your bust line. And you want to do it at the fullest part of your

1:33 bust that you can. If you are already wearing a really ill fitting bra or you feel like

1:41 your measurement that you are getting is just not accurate enough you're going to want to

1:44 lean over so that you get like the full capacity of your bust coming. But go ahead and take

1:52 this measurement as well. Ok so after you have gotten the measurement what you are going

2:03 to want to do is subtract the bust measurement, pardon me, your body measurement from the

2:10 bust measurement. And then take the number that you get, say your number is one, you

2:16 are an a cup. Say the number is two, you are a b cup. Three c cup, and so on and so fourth.

2:23 So then you have your cup measurement and then you also have your body measurement as

2:28 well. So there's your bra size. A couple of other tips that you want to know, your goal

2:34 is not to have your bra clipping at the closest clasp. Where you want your bra to fit is right

2:43 here. And the point of that is so that when your bra stretches as it ages you'll be able

2:49 to close it tighter. This has been Rachel and this is how to fit a bra.