How to Make Your Old Bras Fit Better

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Bras are very delicate garments. To get a full life out of them, you should hand wash them, hang to dry, and only wear each every few days. These days, women are not so good to their bras. Old bras are tossed in the washer and then the dryer, and before you know it, they are stretched out of shape. The cup no longer fits your breasts and even though the hook is on the tightest setting, it is still too big. Don't throw that bra away just yet.

Remold the Cups

Hand wash your bra in a cold-water bath.

Remove the bra from the water. Pat dry with a towel.

Stuff the cups with two socks each, filling the cup. If the cup is not completely filled, use more socks.

Turn the bra over so that the cups are facing up and reshape the cups.

Let dry or blow dry on a very low setting.

Remove the socks and try on the bra. If the cups are still too loose, start again from step 1.

Replace the Hook-and-Eye Closure

Use a seam ripper to rip the seams of the hook-and-eye closure, removing both sides.

Cut 1/2 inch off each side of the bra where you've just removed the hook-and-eye closure.

Put the new hook-and-eye closure on the bra edge by inserting the fabric edge of the bra between the two flaps of the closure.

Insert the threaded needle on the inside of the bra at the seam edge of the hook-and-eye closure. Loop the thread over the top of the closure, and reinsert the needle in the same place, creating a looped stitch over the top of the bra. Repeat the loop stitch three times.

Sew using a zigzag stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of the hook-and-eye closure. Make three more looped stitches over the bottom edge of the closure.

Repeat steps 3-5 with the other side of the closure.