How to Make Pesto


0:05 hi I'm Angie from Angie southern kitchen

0:08 and today we're going to learn how to

0:11 make pesto and this is great in the

0:14 summertime because I grow my own basil

0:16 and I have an abundance of it by the end

0:19 of the summer and it's great to put it

0:21 up and can it iced start with um there's

0:25 two garlic cloves in here and I've

0:28 learned a little trick that I start the

0:31 machine the food processor running and

0:33 then drop the garlic cloves in and it

0:35 minces it nicely otherwise it gets stuck

0:38 to the side of the bowl and great big

0:40 clumps but let can say

0:49 see how nicely that's meant perfect and

0:55 then I add this is about one third cup

0:59 of toasted pine nuts you're going to be

1:03 careful with pine nuts because they do

1:04 go rancid really quickly so be careful

1:09 you can always tell by smelling and

1:11 tasting them and this is fresh basil

1:14 this is one container of basil at the

1:18 store or about one and a half maybe two

1:21 cups of basil and you want to put that

1:24 in and then this is about I'm going in

1:26 about one full cup of grated Parmesan

1:28 cheese and then I'm going to run it

1:32 around and the food processor and then

1:34 I'm going to start adding my olive oil

1:36 which will multiply it and I'm going to

1:42 add about 1 cup slowly in a stream into

1:46 the customers

1:53 and then you have your pesto mix again

1:57 i'm angie from angie southern kitchen

1:59 and you just learned how to make pesto