How to Make Lemon Honey

Honey is a natural and delicious sweetener used in teas, breakfast cereals, desserts, and many other recipes. There are inherent health benefits in using honey to replace sugar or artificial sweeteners, as it's harvested from the earth. Many people combine lemon and honey as additives to tea in order to cure the common cold. Learn how to make your own lemon honey with no hassle at all.

Purchase your favorite, all-natural Grade A fancy honey. Many gourmet and specialty stores sell high-end honey, as well as more affordable options. You can even taste test different brands to find one that sparks your interest.

Squeeze or pour the whole bottle of honey into a small bowl. Be sure to get as much out of the bottle as you can.

Take one lemon and roll it on the countertop to release its juices. Take a knife and slice in half.

Gently scoop out any seeds or strings that may be in the center of the lemon. Discard it in your garbage can.

Depending on how tart you like your lemon honey, eyeball the amount you use. Use about half a lemon for mild to tangy lemon honey. Use both halves of the lemon for extremely tangy lemon honey.

Squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl of honey and mix gently. If you find your concoction has gotten too sour, add more honey to taste. Cover with plastic wrap and leave unrefrigerated for up to a week.