How to Make Irritating Bumps Go Away

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Irritating skin bumps that appear after shaving are called pseudofolliculitis barbae, or razor bumps. They occur when the tips of newly-shaved hairs curl and grow into the skin. These ingrown hairs form bumps that are tender and can become infected. According to, skin areas most prone to razor bumps are the face and neck, for men, and the underarms, legs and sensitive bikini area, for women. One sure-fire way to avoid razor bumps is to stop shaving. Since this is not always an option, learn how to prevent and treat irritating razor bumps, and enjoy the smoothness of clean-shaven skin.

Recognize razor bumps as small, pus-filled pimples or hard, rounded bumps. They can be painful and itchy, and have hair embedded in the center. The bumps are pink or red, while the skin surrounding them may be darkened.

Use a clean needle or pin to pull out the ingrown hair. Being careful not to poke your skin, place the needle into the loop of the ingrown hair and gently pull up. This removes the embedded hair tip from your skin and begins the healing process.

Create a soothing paste by combining two crushed, uncoated aspirin with three drops of glycerin and 1/4 cup of water. Mix the ingredients together and coat your affected skin area, using a cotton ball or clean cloth. The paste absorbs into your skin to decrease inflammation and tenderness, and assist healing.

Apply cornstarch to irritating bumps as another option to relieve discomfort and speed the healing process. Use warm water to wash the cornstarch off after 20 minutes. Use this natural home remedy two to three times per day.

Prevent future eruptions of razor bumps by following a few precautions when shaving. According to, taking a hot shower before shaving opens pores and softens hair, making razor bumps less likely. It also advises against pulling skin taut while shaving, and encourages shaving with the grain of the hair.