How to Make Eye Bags Disappear

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Under-eye puffiness is usually caused by fluid retention. Due to lack of sleep, alcohol consumption or the aging process, the fragile under-eye skin swells with unsightly bags. These bags may first appear in your twenties and continue to manifest regularly as you continue to age. Thankfully, there are simple home remedies that reduce swelling and make eye bags disappear within a few hours.

Put two clean spoons in your freezer and chill for 10 to 20 minutes. Place both spoons, rounded side down, over your eyes for two to three minutes.

Cut two slices from a raw white potato. The slices should be no more than 2 inches thick. Using a clean towel or small cloth, moisten your eyes with cool water. While lying down comfortably, place both slices on the eyes for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Drench a clean towel in cold water. Wring the water out of the towel. To reduce swelling, place the compress over your eyes for two to five minutes. The cold water makes the delicate under-eye skin contract and appear less swollen.

Use caffeine to tighten skin. Dip two black tea bags in lukewarm water. Drain excess water from the teabags. Lay the moistened bags over your eyes for three to five minutes. Or, place a small dollop of caffeine-infused eye cream under eyes to tighten loose skin temporarily.

Drink more water. Beauty Bargainista recommends you increase water intake to ease puffy eyes caused by a dehydrated body.

Reduce swelling with benzocaine, and ingredient found in many hemorrhoid creams. According to Marie Claire, “benzocaine is an active ingredient that reduces puffiness and contracts blood vessels in the eyes.” Apply one or two dots of hemorrhoid cream under the eyes. Rub the cream in gently with your index finger to distribute the fluid trapped in the under-eye region.