How to Make Bread in a Mr. Coffee Breadmaker

For many, waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing couldn't possibly be matched by anything. However, the smell of fresh bread baking is certainly a welcome and homey surprise to the nasal passages. Using a breadmaker to make a fresh loaf of bread may not be the way grandma did it, but if you're OK with the possibility of her raising an eyebrow at your lack of time spent kneading bread, bake with a Mr. Coffee Breadmaker. With options such as wheat, french and sweet, amongst others, you could have fresh bread every day of the week with little effort.

Remove the metal bucket from inside the breadmaker and insert the ingredients into the bucket. Add wet ingredients first such as water and oil. After adding wet ingredients, add the dry ingredients such as the flour or bread mix, salt or sugar. Add the yeast last, as doing so enhances the rising of the dough.

Return the metal bucket to the breadmaker and choose the appropriate settings based on the time you wish the loaf to be finished and the type and size of loaf. Press "Start" to begin the kneading and baking process.

Check the breadmaker when the timer indicates that the loaf is complete. Wear oven mitts when removing the metal pot from the breadmaker. Turn the metal bucket upside down over a metal cooling rack and gently shake the bucket until the loaf frees itself from the sides of the bucket.