How to Make a Perfume at Home with Simple Ingredients

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Preparing a perfume at home is not that difficult and requires only few ingredients. Homemade perfumes can also be used as gifts. There are a number of recipes available to make homemade perfume. Here is one variation.

You will need to get an airtight, dark, glass bottle for the perfume. Bottles are easily available in stores or online.

To make the perfume, fill the bottle with distilled water. Then add the lavender oil, bergamot oil and ethyl alcohol. There is no restriction on the order of the ingredients that are to be mixed so mix them in any order. Then shake the bottle slowly so that all the contents are mixed together.

Store the glass bottle in a dry, cool place for 48 hours. Remember to keep it away from sunlight After 48 hours, shake the bottle again gradually.

Finally, test the perfume. You can use a small dab for testing out the perfume. Note that if you do not like the smell of the perfume, make a new one, this time adjusting the amount of lavender oil added.