How to Make a Hair Weaving Closure


0:00 I will now demonstrate a hair weave

0:02 enclosure most closures are in the crown

0:08 crown area of your head and to braid or

0:15 to prepare for a closure section the

0:18 hair off in the area after braiding the

0:22 entire head as to where you want the

0:24 closure to be and then you will braid

0:29 your hair around in a circle until that

0:37 area is completely closed taking a

0:40 smaller section

0:47 as I demonstrated how to braid before

0:50 and another video I'm just gonna whiz

0:59 through this

1:32 closures can be pre can be bought so you

1:41 don't necessarily have to make a closure

1:45 yourself you can do so but I like to buy

1:47 them because it's a lot easier so once

1:57 you're done braiding that section

2:07 I would suggest braiding the hair all

2:10 the way down or close to the ends

2:22 and then sew your hair down in a

2:29 circular pattern until it's secured and

2:36 once a secured apply your closure and

2:40 sew it on to your section