How to Make a Clay Mask

Clay masks have become increasingly popular. This is because they are easy to use, relaxing, and great for the skin. However, these wonderful masks are often full of mysterious chemicals and unknown products. You can get the same, if not better results from home making your very own clay masks!

Choose a clay powder. There are four basic types of clay powder available at a reasonable price. You will want to choose the clay or clays (if you desire to mix them) according to your skin type. They range on a scale from oily skin to dry skin. Bentonite clay and French green clay are best for oily skin, Pink Kaolin clay is best for normal skin, and White Kaolin clay is best for dry or sensitive skin. For a single clay mask use 3 tablespoons of clay powder.

Choose your essential oils. Adding essential oils can allow you to add fragrance and also health benefits to your clay mask. You will want to choose the few that you like and add a couple of drops each to your clay. Here are a few options that you might want to choose from:

-Tea Tree Oil: Kills bacteria and helps with acne -Geranium Oil: Balances oily and dry portions for combination skin -Juniper Oil: Detoxify the skin -Lavender Oil: Soothes redness -Sandalwood Oil: Nourishes dry skin

Choose additives. You can also add a variety of other ingredients to meet your skins needs and add wonderful traits to your mask. There are lots of things to choose from. Add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of whichever types you desire.

-Honey: Antibacterial to help with acne and moisturizing for dry skin -Yogurt: Smoothes, soothes, and moisturizes -Rosewater: Reduces inflammation, heals, and soothes -Vitamin E Oil: anti aging, healing, and moisturizing -Aloe Vera Gel: soothing, moisturizing, healing

Mix all the ingredients together well. Depending on your choices your mask may still be powdery and dry or may have a good texture.

If your clay mask is still dry you will want to add a little water (using purified or filtered water is best) or a little tea (either prepared green or chamomile tea which will add nutrients to your skin) to moisten it to the desired consistency.

To use your mask apply a thin layer to the skin and let sit for 10-15 minutes to dry. Rinse thoroughly, wash your face, use astringent or toner, and finish with a good moisturizer!