How to Look 5 Years Younger Fast

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Whether you have a special occasion to attend to or simply want to look your best, you can shave years off of your appearance at home and without the need for a spa or plastic surgery. It's hard to sort through the hype when looking for face creams and other products to improve your appearance, so look for solutions that have long track records of success.

Remove dead skin cells and lessen the appearance of sun damage by using an over-the-counter microdermabrasion kit. You may also wish to use this on your cleavage area if you've overindulged in the sun. For skin maintenance, or less dramatic results, try a facial scrub with alpha-hydroxy regularly to keep your skin looking fresh.

Apply a "face-lift mask" for quick results or a facial mask designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Be sure to lie down immediately after applying the mask so the skin tightens in the right direction. It is best to apply a face-lift mask some hours before makeup as the skin may become sensitive.

Improve tired eyes by applying a light-blue eyeliner pencil on the bottom inner eyelids or right under the lashes. You will look five years younger or more as it reduces the appearance of redness and brightens the eyes.

Use a high-quality under-eye concealer that is thick enough and light enough to cover dark circles. For older skin, look for line-minimizing concealer. To apply, pat lightly with the fourth finger using an ample amount to cover the corner of the eyes, underneath and over the lids. Blend enough so that it doesn't cake up.

Make lips more youthful by keeping them moisturized. If needed, apply a line reducer serum. Additionally, lip gloss applied to the center of the lips gives the appearance of fuller, younger lips.

Style your hair in a way that draws attention away from an aged neck. Keep it at or above the jawline, swept up or try soft waves and wispy bangs around the face to cover forehead lines and emphasize eyes.