How to Know What to Eat During Lent

How to Know What to Eat During Lent. During Lent, many Christians change their diets. They may or may not fast or deprive themselves of food for a certain amount of time, and they may not eat certain foods on certain days. The reason for this is complex, but many religions advocate fasting to cleanse the body as a sacrifice and as a way to get closer to a spiritual power.

Avoid meat on Fridays or Wednesdays. Meat was a luxury and only the rich who could afford it or who raised their own cattle could eat it. For most Christian religions or sects, fish is not a meat, which is why it's the popular choice on Fridays during lent. Of course, this means that you shouldn't eat your favorite vegetarian or fish meal either-not eating meat is supposed to be a sacrifice and not an opportunity to enjoy yourself.

Fast on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday. Ash Wednesday is the start of the Lent season. Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross. In this case, fasting means eating only one full meal, usually after sundown. Of course, children, those that are sick or need to eat regularly for health reasons are excused. Most Christian religions will not allow meat to be eaten on these days either.

Speak to your bishop or your priest for the rules in your church and religion. Different sects and religions of Christianity fast every Friday, while others permit meat during Lent. Other sects consider fish (because it has a backbone) to be a meat.