How to Knot Up Your Shirt Along the Side


0:05 hi this is mo of MO West creations and

0:08 today I'm going to show you how to knock

0:10 up your shirt along the side first thing

0:14 you want to do is take your shirt and

0:16 lay it out flat make sure you have the

0:21 side seams clear of any tags cut those

0:26 out and no wrinkles along the sides

0:33 smooth side seams next thing you want to

0:39 do is line up your side seams fold it in

0:44 half again make sure that it's smooth on

0:47 all the levels you want to make sure you

0:52 try on your shirt before you do this so

0:54 you can get an idea of how much smaller

0:55 you want it this one was just a little

0:58 bit too big so I'm not going to make

1:00 huge cuts in the sides but if your shirt

1:03 is way too big for you then you want to

1:05 make pretty long cuts on the sides so we

1:09 have our sides lined up you take your

1:13 ruler and just give yourself about two

1:20 inches from the side starting at the

1:23 armpit make little dots every inch

1:36 check again before you cut make sure

1:38 everything is smooth and lined up

1:41 properly and then you can cut just cut

1:53 straight across from the dot on the edge

1:56 to the dot on the inside through both

1:59 layers of your shirt make sure it stays

2:01 smooth and straight all right so you

2:22 could leave it like this and you just

2:24 have lines up the sides of your shirt

2:29 cut lines but we want to tie them to

2:31 make it a little tighter and cute so

2:35 give them a pull this is important in

2:41 all t-shirt cutting

2:54 you want to do that on both sides and

2:56 then go through and cut right where the

2:59 seam is on all of them

3:16 then once you've done that on both sides

3:20 what I like to do is try it on and just

3:23 tie each one up as tight or loose as you

3:27 need it and then you'll have a perfectly

3:30 fitting custom-made DIY tie up the side

3:36 t-shirt this has been mo of Mo West

3:39 creations teaching you how to tie your

3:42 shirt up the side

3:43 chow