How to Stretch the Inseam in Jeans


0:00 well hey there gumdrop sister girl PW

0:02 giving you the know-how on the how-to

0:04 for fashion and we're gonna continue our

0:06 little denim vest and talk about how do

0:08 we stretch the inseam on denim jeans now

0:12 I know that's kind of weird because most

0:14 people are thinking in order to stretch

0:15 the inseam you have to add inches now

0:18 sometimes when you buy a stretch pant

0:20 you know how they are they give you more

0:22 on the outseam than they do on the

0:23 inseam let me show you how to fix that

0:25 but PS you have to have a 1 to 2%

0:28 stretch in order to even think about

0:30 doing this because they're not going to

0:31 stretch with you okay so if your jeans

0:33 are raw denim they're probably not going

0:35 to stretch but every other denim will

0:37 probably do it so let me show you a

0:38 couple away how to do it okay so here we

0:41 go we have our jeans that we're going to

0:42 play with right now and these have a

0:44 nice 1% lycra stretch 2% is almost

0:48 bubblegum but they will really get those

0:49 rolls in there so we like a 2% as well

0:51 okay so you know I love my secret

0:55 concoctions and I really do believe that

0:56 fabric softener and water is the key to

0:58 light and it kind of does anything you

1:00 need so let's play with it let's put it

1:02 on the inseam all the way up don't be

1:06 scared

1:07 be generous all the way up and you know

1:10 why we use fabric softener and water

1:11 number 1 because it smells absolutely

1:13 amazing but number 2 it's something

1:16 about the emollients in the fabric

1:17 softener there really helps stretch

1:19 denim and when denim is wet it stretches

1:22 very very well so we are stretching up a

1:26 storm here I have stretched it stretched

1:28 it as far as I possibly can now remember

1:30 if you have a friend you guys want to do

1:32 it together but you are more than

1:33 welcome to step on this and and pull on

1:35 the other end and let me just show you

1:37 in those couple I mean what it's all

1:39 been all of two minutes you see that

1:40 these are the jeans and this is what I

1:42 just did to stretch the inseam so I've

1:44 given myself an inch and a half already

1:45 so if you continue to do it it will

1:47 continue to stretch now you don't want

1:49 to put this in the dryer because you've

1:50 done all of that hard good work what you

1:52 want to do is after you finish

1:54 stretching it all out you want to let it

1:56 air dry you see that really quick simple

1:59 in to do and I bet you didn't even know

2:01 well it's your girl PW giving you the

2:03 know-how on the how-to for fashion and I

2:05 hope I've taught you how to stretch your

2:06 jeans