How to Kill the Vinegar Taste in BBQ Sauces


0:04 hi this is Luke from the chefs Academy

0:06 I'm going to show you how to kill the

0:08 vinegar taste and some barbecue sauce

0:10 grandma's coming over she doesn't like

0:13 it too vinegary so I'm gonna take this

0:16 barbecue sauce want to tame it down a

0:18 little bit there's a couple things we

0:20 can do I can add more ketchup ketchup

0:24 does have vinegar that's not gonna be

0:26 the best bet I can add some sweetness

0:29 again you're going to start balancing

0:32 out neutralizing that vinegar but it's

0:34 not going to be all you want to do I've

0:37 got water water is very neutral it's you

0:41 know it's going to kill that vinegar

0:42 flavor it's also going to thin it out

0:43 it's going to take away some other

0:45 flavor also next I've got the secret

0:49 ingredient bacon fat the fat once it's

0:52 whisked in is going to help coat the

0:54 palate taking that vinegar flavor away

0:56 if I add all of those I should do pretty

1:00 good just a little bit of ketchup a

1:04 little bit more sugar and if you want to

1:08 use white sugar if you want to use honey

1:09 no problem just a little bit of the

1:13 water not a lot give that a stir the

1:17 bacon fat I want to be warm not right

1:23 out of the fridge I'm going to stir in a

1:26 couple tablespoons

1:28 if it goes in cold it's going to stay

1:30 chunky if it goes in warm it's going to

1:32 mix with the sauce giving us exactly

1:37 what we're looking for since I added

1:39 those ingredients the final thickness

1:42 will change if I want to add it earlier

1:46 on to my cooking if I'm doing some

1:49 grilled chicken breasts I can put the

1:51 the Burcu sauce on earlier as it cooks

1:53 it's going to thicken up a little bit

1:55 it's going to give that nice char flavor

1:57 so do those you know four different

1:59 things

2:00 tame down your barbecue sauce so this is

2:02 Luke at the chef's Academy showing you

2:04 how to tame down the barbecue sauce from

2:06 the vinegar

2:12 you