How to Keep My Armpits Smelling Nice During the Day

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While your underarms are a common source of body odor, sweat does not cause the smell. The odor comes from bacteria feeding on the oily sweat of your underarms, reports If you have body odor after a heavy workout or before an important job interview, it can be humiliating. However, you can keep your armpits smelling nice throughout the day with a number of remedies.

Bathe everyday. Washing your underarms with warm water and antibacterial soap will decrease the bacteria, reducing odors. If you are excessively sweating, you may need to take more than one bath a day.

Wear loose fitting clothing during the day. Natural fibers do not restrict your skin and they absorb sweat. Choose fibers such as silk, wool and cotton to reduce underarm odor.

Shave your underarm hair regularly as it can contribute to odor by keeping sweat from evaporating from the armpits. Shaving your underarms can keep body odor under control.

Learn stress-reduction techniques, such as meditation or yoga, to control sweating and underarm odor triggered by stress. According to the, stressful situations can trigger excessive perspiration in some people.

Eliminate certain foods from your diet. Foods with strong odors, such as onions an garlic, and caffeinated beverages can contribute to underarm odor.

Apply deodorant to lessen body odor. Deodorant prevents odor by making the surface of your skin more acidic. Because bacteria is not attracted to acidic skin, your body odor will disappear until the deodorant wears off.

Use an antiperspirant with your deodorant, if you sweat through your clothing. Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which temporarily clogs the sweat gland. If you apply antiperspirant, you will not have to reapply deodorant as often, and it will reduce the number of sweat spots on your clothing.