How to Keep a Tattoo Looking New

by Contributing Writer

A tattoo is a piece of artwork that you carrying around with you every day for the rest of your life. As with every piece of art, their are certain steps that need to take place to keep your tattoo looking as new as the day that you got it. Follow these easy steps to keep your tattoo looking new.

Items you will need

  • 1 container moisturizing body wash
  • 1 bottle intense moisturizing body lotion
  • 1 tube sunscreen SPF 50

Take Care of Your Tattoo

Step 1

Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your tattoo everyday before you leave the house. You should be applying sunscreen to your entire body. However if you must try to get a tan, at least keep your tattoo safe from the sun's harmful rays.

Step 2

Use a moisturizing body wash every evening to thoroughly clean your tattoo to keep it looking new. You will want to make sure to get the layers of sunscreen and dirt off of your tattoo at the end of a long day.

Step 3

Apply an intense moisturizer to your tattoo to keep the skin well hydrated before heading to be every night. Dried out skin will cause your tattoo to look older then it is.


  • Reapply sunsreen to your tattoo a few times through out the day. Sweat will cause the sunscreen to come off your tattoo.


  • Not protecting your tattoo from the harmful rays of the sun will cause the colors in it to fade over time. You paid for the bright colors in your tattoo. Keep them looking like new and use sunscreen.