How to Install Side Firebox on Char-Griller

Charcoal barbecue grills made by Char-Griller are built to work with a variety of accessories. The side panel of the Char-Griller can be removed to install a side firebox that lets you use the grill for smoking meat. Removing the perforated side panel requires moderate skill with power tools. The firebox accessory can be purchased online from Char-Griller or at retailers who sell this brand of grill. All the necessary hardware comes with the firebox. Connecting the firebox typically takes less than an hour.

Raise the cover on your Char-Griller to take out the cooking grates and the charcoal grate underneath. Set aside these parts.

Extract the screws attaching the bottom of the barrel grill to the metal frame and stand. Turn the grill on its left side with the help of a friend, so the right end faces upward.

Drill out the six screw holes around the oval plate on the right side of the Char-griller, using a power drill and bits designed for cutting through metal. Knock out the plate, tapping in the center with a hammer.

Line up the open end of the firebox with the oval hole in the Chargriller so the screw holes in the firebox match the screwholes in the grill.

Open the lid of the firebox to access the interior. Push each of the six bolts supplied with the firebox through a screwhole and into the grill. Twist a nut onto each bolt from inside the Char-Griller and tighten with pliers.

Pick up the Char-Griller and attached firebox with a helper to place back on the metal grill stand. Lock the grill onto the stand wirth the four screws.

Place the charcoal grate inside the grill and set the cooking grates on top.

Load the side firebox with split wood or wood chunks when you want to smoke meat in the main grill. Fill the Char-Griller itself with wood or charcoal when you want to grill foods such as steaks and hamburgers over direct heat.