How to Host Appetizers for a Progressive Dinner Party

How to Host Appetizers for a Progressive Dinner Party. A progressive dinner party is a party that moves from one location to another, and if you're hosting the appetizers portion, you are the first stop on the trip. Whether the party begins at your home or gathers first at another location, you'll have to be prepared for this quick party at your home.

Find out from the party organizers how many people will be attending. Plan what appetizers and drinks you will serve. Restrict your food choices to finger food, chips and dips.

Provide adequate parking in front of your house for the day of the party. Progressive dinner party attendants may carpool together, but do what you can to make parking for many cars as easy as possible.

Get out dishes and utensils ahead of time, especially if the party is starting at a different location. Have your platters and serving dishes set up and put them in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap. Get out the drinks and mixers you will be serving if you are serving cocktails. Set up chairs, decorations and anything else you want to have out for the party.

If you start at a different location, leave early so you can prepare for your leg of the party. Go home and take your platters out of the refrigerator and get everything set up for the guests' arrival.

Keep your eye on the time during the party. Progressive dinner parties are on a schedule and you'll need to let the guests know when it's time to wrap things up and head to the next location.