How to Home-Can Peanut Butter

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Although traditional home-canning methods like pressure canning and hot water baths are not recommended for a low-acid, high-density food like peanut butter, it is possible to whip up your own tasty peanut spread and store it safely in the refrigerator or freezer. The benefits of making your own peanut butter at home include healthier butter without chemical preservatives or high sugar content, a great fresh taste and your favorite consistency. Peanut butter can be kept in the refrigerator for a month or two, and will keep indefinitely in the freezer.

Shell approximately 2 cups of raw peanuts.

Place the peanuts in a food processor or blender, and process until the peanuts begin to form clumps.

Scrape the sides of the processor or blender with a spatula to integrate larger peanut pieces into the butter, and continue processing until the butter is the desired consistency.

Add a tbsp. of oil to the butter. For the best taste, use peanut oil, or a neutral vegetable oil.

Transfer the butter to a bowl and stir in the oil, as it will now be thick enough to make processing difficult.

Add salt or honey as desired for taste.

Pour the peanut butter into a plastic storage container with an airtight lid. If you plan to store the peanut butter in the freezer, use a container that is designed to freeze; be sure to leave about an inch of space between the butter and the top of the container to allow for expansion.