How to Get Rid of Yellow Streaks on Canvas Keds

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The term "Keds" was actually thought up by the U.S. Rubber Company in 1916. The Keds brand took the slang term sneakers, and brought it into the mainstream. Most of the Keds brand's sneakers are composed of rubber and canvas and like with all wearables, the canvas may become stained. Get rid of yellow streaks by doing a bit of spot cleaning.

Take a small amount of mild soap or window cleaner and apply it to a clean, lint-free rag. If the stain is difficult to get out, apply the soap to a soft-bristle brush instead.

Rub the shoe gently with the rag or the brush to get the stain out.

Scrunch up a dry washcloth and place it into the toe of the shoe to help absorb the moisture. If the streaks are at center or back of the shoe, scrunch up a couple more dry washcloths and place them inside as well.

Let the shoe air dry in an open area at room temperature.