How to Get Rid of Body Odor for Women

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Women who suffer from body odor may find themselves avoiding social situations and intimacy out of embarrassment. If you have body odor, you may not be practicing proper personal hygiene. Fortunately, taking a few minutes each day to clean and deodorize your body can eliminate a personal odor problem. There is no need to cover offensive body odor with powder or perfume because you can prevent the odor from occurring in the first place.

Wash your face and body at least once daily with hot water and deodorant soap or body wash. Use a clean washcloth every time you bathe or shower. Pay close attention to your underarms and genitals, using a special feminine hygiene wash for the latter if desired.

Shave your armpits regularly to prevent underarm hair from trapping the bacteria that causes odor.

Dry your armpits well and apply solid, gel, spray or roll-on antiperspirant to prevent sweating.

Apply talcum powder to your groin area, your feet and beneath your breasts. Sprinkle extra powder in your shoes to help prevent foot odor.

Wash your clothing regularly. Wear clean clothing, socks and underwear every day.

Change pads or tampons frequently during menstruation. Do not wear the same pad or tampon for more than three hours.