How to Freeze Wine

by Morgan O'Connor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Use the frozen wine to add richness to spaghetti sauce.

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Once you've opened a bottle of wine, you need to drink it within three days. If you keep it longer than that, its flavor rapidly deteriorates. If you don't plan to drink the rest of the wine, but you'd like to put it to good use, freeze it to use for cooking in the future. The wine won't be drinkable after you've frozen it, because freezing alters its taste, but you can use it to flavor stews and sauces. Freeze the wine in small portions, never in the bottle.

Pour the wine into an open container with small sections such as an ice cube tray or muffin tin.

Place the ice cube trays or muffin tins filled with wine in the coldest part of your freezer, which is usually the back. Wine does not freeze evenly. Instead, the water content in wine separates from the alcohol and freezes at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine freezes completely when it reaches around 22 F.

Freeze the wine until it becomes mostly solid, then transfer the frozen individual sections to a freezer-safe container.


  • The wine may not work in recipes where wine has a starring role. The old adage is that you shouldn't cook with wine you wouldn't drink.

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