How to Freeze Steaks

Raw filet beef steaks

Stepan Popov/iStock/Getty Images

Poorly wrapped or improperly frozen steaks fall victim to freezer burn, or worse, spoil before you have a chance to enjoy them. Exposure to air in the freezer dries out meat, so wrap steaks properly to retain peak quality and store them at the right temperature to prevent spoilage.

Wrapped Right

Store packaging won't prevent freezer burn, so wrap each steak individually in plastic wrap or with butcher paper. Wash your hands before you package the steaks, and disinfect everything when you are done to avoid cross contamination. Double wrap steaks tightly to keep out air, and store them in a sealed freezer storage bag or airtight container. You can keep steaks in a 0 degree Fahrenheit freezer for six to 12 months, although for the best quality you should use the meat within three months.