How to Fold a Pocket Square for a Tuxedo

Maria Teijeiro/Photodisc/Getty Images

The pocket square is an attractive extra touch for any tuxedo. According to Brett and Kate McKay of the Art of Manliness, "by the latter half of that century, the pocket square began to go the way of the hat. It’s high time we bring both back." For those looking for an elegant, fully-realized formal wear look, a pocket square is essential. They're easy to fold, come in a variety of colors and are handy when least expected. Don't leave for your next formal event without tucking in that little square of silk.

One Corner Fold

Place the pocket square flat in front of you, one point towards the bottom. The square should lie like a diamond.

Fold the bottom point upward to the upper point to form a triangle. The bottom should now for a long edge.

Fold the corners inward, one over the other. According to the McKays, the square will look like a fence post.

Fold the bottom partially upward towards the top, but not all the way. It should be small enough to fit into the pocket.

Tuck into the pocket and arrange to suit.

Flat Pocket Square

Place the pocket square flat on a table or surface.

Fold the pocket square in half along its vertical axis.

Fold the square along the horizontal axis about 1/3 of the way up,making it shallow enough to fit the pocket. Place the square in the pocket and arrange the top edge to your liking.