How to Fix a Shirt That Was Burned by an Iron

Scorched fabric is a common hazard of ironing. If the scorch is light, meaning the fibers are light brown or tan, you can repair the mark and continue using your shirt. You have two different methods for repairing the scorch mark, depending on how quickly you need to wear the shirt. The quick method allows you to wear the shirt within an hour of receiving the scorch. The slow method requires you to launder the shirt to remove the mark.

Quick Method

Wet a cotton pad with white vinegar.

Dab the white vinegar onto the scorch mark.

Blot the vinegar dry with a clean towel or cloth. The shirt will continue to air dry as you wear it.

Slow Method

Spray a layer of hydrogen peroxide onto the scorch mark. Follow with a layer of ammonia. Peroxide is bleach, verify that your shirt is color-safe before using this method.

Let the shirt sit for up to one hour. Keep the shirt moist by periodically applying a layer of peroxide and a layer of ammonia.

Rinse the shirt and rub liquid laundry detergent into the scorch mark.

Add color-safe bleach or oxygen cleaner to your washing machine and wash the shirt.