How to Embarrass Someone Who Is Rude

by braniac ; Updated September 28, 2017

Some people just find the need to be very rude and crude when talking to people. They have zero class or courtesy. Maybe you asked he/she to coffee or out to dinner and instead of a polite "no thank you" they deliver a mean slam. This article will tell you how to deliver the perfect comeback to embarrass that rude person. Being embarrassed is the best form of public humiliation.

Perhaps you're at a dance club and see a beautiful woman at the end of the bar. You see no ring on her finger and no man by her side. Knowing that you're confident person, you decide to ask her to dance. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe she says no but at least you tried. Being embarrassed doesn't even cross your mind nor does fear of failure.

You approach her confident but not cocky. Like a confident gentleman, you ask her if she would like to dance. For whatever reason, she tells you "not interested" or "you're not my type." Sure you're stunned, embarrassed and maybe even a little hurt but this is where it gets fun.

The perfect comeback is one where you are subtle but still make the person feel about 2 inches tall. So after she's given you her rude response, don't flinch, get agitated or even think about walking away. Simply look her in the eyes and tell her this. "I'm not sure how you were raised but I was taught to respect people and treat them with class. My only rationale behind your rude behavior is that you suffer from very low self esteem because a classy lady would've at least been polite in her response." Watch her jaw drop and now you can walk away. 8 out of 10 times the person you delivered the comeback to will come up and apologize. Even if they don't, you showed your class but still stood up for yourself.


  • Of course this comeback can be tweaked a little and works on both males and females.

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