How to Eat Year Old Wedding Cake

Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Wedding cakes are an important part of just about every wedding reception. Saving a piece of the wedding cake to eat on your one year anniversary is another wedding tradition that many couples follow. Some couples go the traditional route and have the top layer made of fruit cake, and save that for their year anniversary.

Order a cake that will freeze well and taste somewhat good in one year. Cakes with a chocolate or vanilla base aren’t good options. Instead, fruit cakes are best, since they’ll remain fresh even after a long time passes. The more fat in your cake, the better it will freeze and stay moist once unfrozen. Cream-filled cakes and cakes with icing don’t tend to freeze well.

Decide if you want to save the top layer of your cake or if you want to cut a portion to save. Determine if you want your family to join you on your one year anniversary to eat the cake. If so, you’ll need to save a larger portion.

Put your cake in the freezer for a few hours until the icing is hard.

Wrap the cake tightly, making sure that little or no air can get in. Use moisture-proof wrapping material, then encase the cake in a freezer bags.