How to Dress Differently From the In Crowd

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Dress Differently From the In Crowd. You don't want to be different "like everyone else." You truly want to be different, with your own style. You've never felt the need to fit in with the in crowd and you're not afraid to show it. So you pick and choose your wardrobe apart from the rest and dress the way you like, not what the popular crowd wants.

Read fashion magazines as a guide to dress the opposite of the trends.

Avoid brand names.

Shop at discount stores. Not only will you avoid the crowd's favorite brands, but you'll also save money.

Buy what's in right now and then wait until a different trend emerges. This often doesn't take very long--sometimes just a few months.

Wear hats all the time. Try something that stands out, like a ten gallon or a fedora. If you want to wear a baseball cap, wear it straight, not tilted.

Mix colors. If you think blue and orange look good together, go for it!

Tuck your shirt in all the time, even if it's a T-shirt. You'll impress your elders by looking neater--if you're okay with that.


  • Don't listen to general trends. For example, who says you can't wear white in the winter? Only care about other's opinions if they're positive. If they like that you're willing to be different, that is great. If not, so what?

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