How to Do Eye Makeup for Over 50


0:05 welcome class to Megan onyx 101 today's

0:08 beauty vise lesson is on I make up for

0:12 over 50 so let's get started class is in

0:15 session so my aunt Charlene over here

0:17 already has tattooed eyeliner which is

0:21 fine it's not um anything to do or not

0:24 do with being over 50 under 50 close

0:27 your eyes the things you want to focus

0:29 on is priming sorry is priming with a

0:35 waterproof or a oil proof primer if you

0:41 haven't gone through the change already

0:44 um these things will help you if you're

0:48 having hot flashes or any fun things

0:52 like that next you want to do matte

0:55 tones for the most part she has great

0:59 lids a lot of women in their 50s are

1:02 already starting to crepe and shimmer

1:04 just adds to that creepiness I'm going

1:07 to go ahead and take a matte tone to

1:10 start with onto her lids you can use any

1:14 color this is just a formula but I'm

1:17 going to go ahead and use like a brownie

1:19 tone it's good to hold the eyes open

1:23 because you could see when I push it in

1:26 it gets creepy and then that will cause

1:28 lines so you open up the lid and same on

1:36 the other side and I'm just going onto

1:40 the eyelid up into that bone next I'm

1:44 going to take kind of like a rose tone

1:46 but matte and put it slightly above the

1:52 orbital bone this is the orbital bone

1:56 she's got a good one so now I'm going to

1:58 go in with a liner you can go in with a

2:00 black or a brown if you have blue eyes

2:02 maybe a grey you could do purple any

2:05 color that you feel comfortable with I'm

2:07 gonna go in with a black because that's

2:09 already the tone

2:10 her tattoo I'm just gonna go with the

2:12 flow of that I'm just gonna go into the

2:15 lash line I'm applying color I'm not

2:17 trying to create an avant-garde and I'm

2:20 not reinventing the wheel I'm just doing

2:23 makeup and I'm just putting color

2:26 depositing color into the lash line

2:30 that's my main goal right here now I'm

2:35 going to go in with a brown you can do a

2:38 black you can do a charcoal gray these

2:40 are just this is just a formula a darker

2:43 color with a flat brush I'm going to

2:47 move that black around move the eyeliner

2:50 around in all sorts of direction to take

2:54 out the demarcation this is not a fine

2:58 line this is going to be a little smoked

3:01 out so I made sure to smudge it out in

3:05 an upward motion giving it a bit of a

3:07 wing tip and now we're just going to add

3:09 a little bit more drama so I'm going to

3:10 take a darker Brown the dark you can

3:13 even use the liner color anything you

3:15 want I'm going to go from the edge of

3:18 the liner and like a V up into the

3:24 orbital bone you can put a little bit of

3:26 shimmer up into the orbital bone I'm an

3:28 on the brow bone for highlight apply

3:32 some mascara curl them and you're good

3:34 to go and that's just one of a million

3:38 ways of how to do an eye makeup for over

3:41 50 class dismissed

3:44 you