Hairstyles for Women Over 60


0:04 hi I'm Robbie lariviere here at the

0:07 fabulous laser no salon in Beverly Hills

0:09 now are you over 60 years old but still

0:13 want to look sexy well I have some great

0:16 news for you

0:17 gone are the days of roller sets Aqua

0:19 Net and blue hair that these days 60

0:23 really is sexy for instance you can use

0:27 product I mean women over 60 I see the

0:30 haired PC very PC sexy and

0:33 natural-looking that it should really

0:35 come and frame your face and be soft and

0:37 touchable as opposed to hard and not so

0:40 pliable and have fun with color as well

0:44 that whether it be highlights or

0:46 lowlights you really want to add that

0:47 texture and dimension into your hair

0:50 that's what it's going to keep you

0:51 looking really the youngest you can look

0:53 also what about accessories I mean all

0:56 too fun we see girls and women

0:58 accessorizing with either barrette or

1:01 even a fun hat do you know just because

1:04 you're over 60 doesn't mean you can't

1:06 have fun with your hair anymore take a

1:08 look at our client Jane Fonda that Jane

1:11 Fonda she comes to us at layer no salon

1:13 Jane is 76 years old don't tell anyone

1:17 but I mean she looks amazing she looks

1:19 like she's in her 40s or even 30s and

1:22 that is really just because we give her

1:24 that textured PC look so when you go to

1:27 the hairdresser's tell your hair stylist

1:29 oh don't make me look like an old lady

1:32 that 60 is sexy have your hairstylist go

1:35 in there with his or her shears and do

1:37 some point cutting is the technical name

1:39 and what that's going to do is give your

1:42 hair that texture and peace eNOS that

1:44 younger look that's still chic and

1:46 classy all at the same time if you have

1:49 any questions feel free to check out our

1:50 website and with that I'm Rob you

1:53 lariviere here at Leia Sharon of salon

1:56 and that is how you keep 60 sexy

2:00 Hey