How to Look Youthful for Women Over 50


0:05 hi this is Brynn Taylor with the restyle

0:08 list today we're going to talk about how

0:10 women over 50 can look more youthful

0:12 when it comes to your wardrobe there are

0:15 several ways to appear more energetic

0:17 and lively but you have to pay attention

0:19 to the cuts and the styles before

0:22 anything else as long as your cuts and

0:24 styles of your clothes are classic and

0:26 flattering then you can play around with

0:28 colors and patterns to give a more

0:30 youthful energetic appearance so here is

0:34 a great example of how we've

0:35 incorporated color into a classic outfit

0:38 so here we have a classic trench style

0:41 but instead of your standard khaki we've

0:43 opted for this bright magenta and this

0:46 especially having color near your face

0:48 is going to just make you pop all that

0:51 much more then we've added this fun

0:54 pendant necklace which is a great way to

0:56 try out some trends in jewelry without

0:58 going overboard and lastly we've

1:00 punctuated the whole look with a fun

1:02 green clutch

1:03 this is Brynn Taylor with the rest' I

1:06 list thank you for tuning in

1:12 you