How to Apply Eye Makeup Over 40


0:00 hi I'm Jessica Adams with Pierce Cano

0:02 artistry and today I'm going to show you

0:04 how to apply eye makeup over 40 first

0:07 step is to take a nice peach shadow

0:09 we're going to do a wash all over the

0:11 lid so you can take this all the way up

0:17 to the brow bone and keep applying until

0:22 you get the consistency and the coverage

0:24 that you want there's any fall out you

0:28 can sweep that out after and do the same

0:31 thing for the other eye sweep it all

0:38 over over 40 you want to start toning

0:44 down your looks a little bit as far as

0:47 your eye makeup goes not so many loud

0:49 colors shimmers all of that maybe for a

0:52 special occasion but otherwise you want

0:54 to stay matte and really nice and that's

0:59 the first step

0:59 the next step is to apply a darker grey

1:03 shadow just to the outer third of the

1:07 eye so I'm going to start out here in

1:10 the corner and start out here and blend

1:14 in and up you want to create this crease

1:18 here you don't have one you can make it

1:22 with the shadow just keep blending till

1:29 you have it covered nicely I'm going to

1:34 do the same thing for the other eye the

1:39 outer third of the eye bring it up for

1:43 the crease don't go all the way up to

1:45 the brow just want to stay down here in

1:47 this crease because we're going to

1:49 highlight that brow bone later and

1:52 that's the second step next we're going

1:55 to take a nice highlighter this is a

1:59 light powder we're just going to put in

2:02 the inner corners of the eye and right

2:04 under the brow bone just stick it right

2:06 in here blend it well this is

2:11 going to help open up the eye it's great

2:14 for hooded eyes it's really great for

2:17 anyone to just help open it up you do

2:20 the same thing on this side and apply

2:24 some just under the brow bone here show

2:28 you blend it in alright so next we're

2:36 going to work on our eyeliner and our

2:38 mascara take the eyeliner I just want to

2:46 do a thin line right across your

2:50 eyeliner should never be heavier on the

2:52 bottom than it is on the top especially

2:56 for older women that can really look

2:58 like it's bringing the eyelid down

3:00 rather than lifting it it's not nice so

3:08 we're going to apply some mascara here

3:18 okay now I'm putting it on the other

3:20 ride and get our mascara

3:32 this is Jessica Adams and you've been

3:33 watching how to apply eye makeup for

3:35 over 40 thank you for watching