How to Do a 30 Day Wedding Diet

How to Do a 30 Day Wedding Diet. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. A 30-day detox diet is perfect for a bride who wants to shed 10-15 pounds and cleanse her body. A detox diet will improve the look of your skin, hair and nails, while helping your lose weight. A 30-day diet will leave you feeling confident and looking great as you walk down the aisle.

Choose a reputable, 30-day diet plan.

Try a colon cleansing diet. Toxins and waste products that are built up in your colon cause weight gain, bloating and acne problems. In addition, you will find that after using a colon cleansing diet program, your hair and nails will be more radiant, strong and healthy.

Get other diet plans in ebook form. Several 30-day diets are available online in ebook form. For a low purchase price, you can download the ebooks, which provide diet plans, tips and techniques for losing weight in thirty days. These are not fasting diets, but rather healthy diet programs for people with under 10 pounds to lose.

Consider getting a colonic. If you are very bloated, you may need to have a colon wash, where warm filtered water is infused into your rectum to clean your colon. Some people have many pounds of waste stuck in their colon. A colon wash is the quickest way to rid your body of the toxic waste and start to detoxify your body.

Exercise regularly while dieting. You can speed weight loss and tone your muscles by starting a circuit training exercise program. Circuit training combines cardiovascular exercise, such a running on a treadmill, will free weight training.