How to Display Cupcake Pops

Cupcake pops are small, miniature cupcakes that are frosted and placed onto long sticks. You can get all sorts of cupcake pops, from traditional chocolate to cupcake pops with intricate decorations. While cupcakes pops can give a party, baby shower or even a wedding a unique twist, choosing a way to display them can be challenging. Come up with an easy way to display the cupcake pops so that they look attractive and it is easy for people to take one from the display and munch on it.

Choose a variety of vases in different sizes, shapes and heights. Choose vases in a color that coordinate with the party or the event you are planning.

Take florist foam and cut it into chunks that are small enough to fit inside the vases.

Place the florist foam inside the vases. If the vases are tall, place something else inside the vase that the foam can sit on, such as a glass, so that the florist foam sits about an inch beneath the lip of the vase. That way, you don't have to fill the entire vase with florist foam.

Cover the florist foam with shredded paper, like the kind you can find to put in Easter baskets. Choose shredded paper in a color that coordinates with the vases and the other party decorations. Make sure that the shredded paper completely covers the florist foam so that it is not visible.

Take your cupcake pops and press the sticks into the florist foam. Cluster the cupcakes close together, but make sure they do not touch each other so as not to disturb the frosting.

Continue placing the cupcake pops inside the vases until all of them are filled.

Place the vases filled with the cupcake pops on the centers of tables or on the food display table. Choose some tall vases, some short, some wide and some narrow for each arrangement so that they look attractive.