How to Disjoint Chicken Wings

by Sabrina Holley-Williams ; Updated September 28, 2017

The first step in making delicious chicken wings is learning how to disjoint them.

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If you are a fan of chicken wings and order them frequently at restaurants, you might want to try learning to make them yourself at home. You can experiment with preparation techniques and flavorings, and you may find over time that your favorite wing spot is your own kitchen. To get started making your own wings, you first need to know how to disjoint chicken wings.

Prepare your cutting area. Set out your cutting board, preferably one you use only for poultry and/or raw meat, on a stable surface. Select a sharp kitchen knife.

Separate the wing from the whole chicken (if you purchase packaged wings, skip this step). Locate the joint that attaches the wing to the chicken. Hold the wing away from the chicken and use the tip of your knife to pierce the skin and cut around the joint.

Place the whole wing flat on your cutting board. Feel for the joint where the wing tip (the pointy section) connects to the rest of the wing. With the tip of your knife touching the cutting board, cut straight through at the joint separating the wing tip from the wing. Discard the wing tip.

Locate the joint connecting the wing and the drumstick. Using the same technique, cut through the joint to separate the two parts.

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