How to Determine Your Hat Size


0:00 head of determine your hat size so you

0:03 wrap the tape measure straight across

0:05 your head about half an inch above the

0:08 bra line so he measures 22 and a half

0:12 which according to the standard hat

0:15 sizing chart he would be a size 7 and

0:17 1/8 so this is a size 7 and 1/8 and when

0:22 he puts it on it should feel snug but

0:26 not tight if you feel like it's going to

0:28 leave a red line going across your

0:29 forehead it's too tight size up but this

0:33 looks about good it should feel like

0:35 it's not going to blow off if the gust

0:37 of wind comes but again not not that

0:40 tight and that's how you determine your

0:44 hat size